Ash Residence

Designed to balance a contemporary lifestyle along the edge of the Derwent Estuary.  This sustainable home takes full advantage of the northern-facing waterfront black. The development of a modest two-bedroom house takes the practicalities of a contemporary home, and translates them into a relaxing ‘beachside dwelling’. 


Materials used were chosen to age gracefully with the river and not be sacrificial to the harsh climatic elements.  Finishes, although needing to be robust had to have low embodied energy and low volatile organic compound emissions, creating a healthy environment for the occupants and the estuary. The lightweight structure creates a form that floats lightly towards the water, seeing the design respond to the elements portrayed by the river.  External living spaces are strategically positioned to allow use throughout different times of the day, depending on the climatic conditions presented.  The roof, a simple skillion that rises towards the river, permits each room to capture an individual moment with the estuary.

Location Hobart, Tasmania
Project Type Residential