East Coast Interpretation Centre

Our approach to this project was: β€˜to design in context is a challenge in understanding what are the fundamental cues of a particular region or place. The East Coast of Tasmania presents a multi-layered palette of settings and meanings.’ The East Coast is many things to many people!

The building needed to be practical and functional in its spatial arrangements responding to flexibility and availability of use, ease of management and operation, and practicality of maintenance. Sensibility in detailing with regards to shading, discourage possums and birds and insect ingress, easy to clean, ensure a fire protection regime, all with potential for openness to its surroundings whilst focusing on the elements of the landscape both vistas and detail But something more is required β€˜ the building and surrounding landscape should engender a sense of well-being and fit within its site with interlinking pathways and trails leading out from the building to points of interest

This building responds to the above settled within the landscape, orientation to reduce the impact on the unspoilt National Park, maintaining views to the Hazards and Great Oyster Bay and interpretation areas within the dome

Location Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
Project Type Culture